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“Our product must serve a purpose, our purpose being a mixture of style and obviously feel/function. Style is a lot easier to achieve vs. functionality/feel."

burgh bartape fingerscrossed journal blog

burgh bartape fingerscrossed journal blog

Burgh is a very young and fresh startup from Tasmania. It is owned by 22-year old, recently graduated design student Thomas who does Burgh purely out of passion in the late nights after his day job.

Specialising in bar tapes, Burgh looks to draw inspiration from all areas of life and spread a bit of style onto those areas we all connect with, the handlebars. Burgh bar tapes are clean and simple black and white, build from unique polymer blend. To give their products unique aesthetics Burgh teams up with designers and illustrators from around the globe.

But it’s not just about style. Being functional at the same time is key. The tape provides amazing shock absorption which makes cobble lovers happy. It is water resistant so dirt can be easily swiped off with a damp cloth. When the weather turned out not as you expected or you just love being out cycling in the rain, the bar tape remains grippy in the wettest of conditions, gloves or no gloves.

burgh bartape fingerscrossed journal blog

Burgh aims to build meaningful relationships not only with its customers but also with its partners, whilst “maintaining a high level of design, aesthetics and quality gear.”

Cycling is community. So putting the same focus on partnerships it is nothing but consequent FINGERSCROSSED interviewed the founder and designer behind Burgh.


You are extremely young for being founder of a brand - how did this come?

I've always loved making, learning, creating new things, and have always wanted to try my hand at running a business. The part which excited me the most was, I was going in head first with absolutely no knowledge of what it took to run a business, how much time was involved, and the crazy number of things you have to consider before even launching! That is what drives me. Learning new things that challenge me.

When did you have the idea about designing cycling products? Tell us your story, please.

I first started cycling around 5-6 years ago, after Australian Cadel Evans won the tour. It was always important for me to have nice looking gear, as I am not a very strong or fast rider. The first time I considered making cycling products was around April of 2016. I had recently started a Graphic Design course, and was learning about how to make all sorts of cool things, so one thing led to another.

Initially I wanted to do cycling kits, however being a student, with a very limited income, it just wasn't feasible or affordable, and it's also such a saturated market, you've got to be absolutely killing it to get recognised. I noticed a gap in some areas of cycling accessories, and ending up choosing bar tape, as it was something I could afford, and gave me a blank canvas with very few limitations as to what I could put on it.

What marked the birth of burgh - and how do people respond to the brand and products?

Burgh was born in August 2016, after months of deliberating whether to jump in the deep end, or play it safe and write it off as another one of my crazy ideas. Initially I did a small round where I put out a request on Instagram, asking if anyone was keen to test some new bar tape.

I got a fairly good response, and picked 5 people who were great people, and also they had to be very community oriented. That was important. So far, I have had all positive feedback, which is really heart warming! Makes all the late nights of working on Burgh after my day job worth while! I think people buy into the brand for what we represent, our small size, and service.

Which requirements do you put on a product and its design/functionality?

Our product must serve a purpose, our purpose being a mixture of style and obviously feel/function. Style is a lot easier to achieve vs functionality/feel. We wanted to have something that was able to be used in all scenarios, meaning it needed to react well in wet weather, needed to be cleanable, comfortable, and enough padding to absorb rough cobbles.

You describe your brand as dedicated to being unique .. what do you mean by that exactly?

We try to do things our way, and not be influenced too much by what is "normal" and the standard practice throughout the market. This is obviously tricky, as the world is such a big place, with many huge brands. But in that lies our strength, run by one person, it means service is easily controllable, a large amount of care goes into each product, as it directly affects the individual who owns the brand.

Why do you do collaborations with designers and illustrators?

Collaborating is something I think all businesses & people alike should do. It builds great teamwork skills, improves communication, creates better ideas, and overall makes it a lot more enjoyable.

"If more companies collaborated, instead of being enemies and competing against each other, I think the world would be a fantastic place."

As the brands would be combining to create fantastic gear for the cycling community, and would show great values to the consumers, instead of appearing to be wall street sharks that only care about money.

With whom would you die to work together?

For me, I think that many of the brands in Australia would be fantastic to collaborate with. My next goal is cycling kit and socks. So working together with someone like Lumiere, Attaquer, MAAP, 4SHAW or Kern would be awesome.

What makes you passionate about cycling?

Cycling is such a unique activity when compared to other sports. There is a fantastic sense of community, and unity between cyclists. That camaraderie speaks volumes when faced with the adversity of other road users.

It's also a super challenging sport endurance and strength wise. It is always making you tick little goals, and achieve things to keep the mind healthy. I think it strengthens you mentally too, for life's other challenges.

How would you describe your own cycling lifestyle?

I ride to clear my mind, and push myself. I'm not a hugely strong rider, only doing maybe 1-2 rides a week of short distances, but that's the thing about cycling. It doesn't matter if you ride once a month, or three times a day. All that matters is that you're out on your bike having fun.

FINGERSCROSSED puts a lot of focus on connecting people through their shared passion. It seems you find community as important as we do. Can you tell us more about it?

Community is something that everyone in the world can work on. Too many people are selfish in their motivations, attitudes and the way they treat others. If we all looked after each other, and treated everyone as family, the world would be a much better place for it.

The collaboration would bring greater ideas, better solutions, and overall constantly push the boundaries of new and fantastic technologies no matter the field.

Thanks for the interview, Thomas.


 burgh bartape fingerscrossed journal blog

burgh bartape fingerscrossed journal blog


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